Quality and Affordable Roof Repair

If you decide that our roofing estimate is ideal for you, we can get started on a roof repair right away.

Just about any roof repair we perform can be done within a day.  Our professional crew of Jackson TN roofing contractors will be in, and out at a rate you’ll find almost alarming.  Although we are quick, we always double check our work, and guarantee our roof repairs so that you feel more confident that your roof is good as new.

At Jackson Roofing, we keep all of the necessary supplies readily available so that you aren’t waiting a week with a tarp covering your roof waiting for our roofing specialists.  Not just for roofing that’s made of asphalt shingles, but metal roofing, tile roofing, and more as well.  When it comes to a compromised roof, we understand that sooner is much better than later.

At Jackson Roofing, we find it important to make our schedule flexible for customers.  We understand that while working on residential roofing you (and your neighbors) probably do not want us hammering away at six in the morning.    

We’ll coordinate with you to ensure that your roof repair or roof installation is done in a timely manner and doesn't impose on you or your family.

A New Roof Installation that will last for Decades

Roof repairs are never welcomed at your home or business.  Unfortunately, over time your roof will wear and require a roof replacement.  

Unless exasperated by unfavorable conditions, the residential or commercial roof on your property should last at least a couple of decades if maintained properly.  In that time, there are a lot of changes including roofing materials, property ownership, and the roofing market all together.  That means that we could simply provide a roof replacement that’s identical to your old one, but there are likely better options now that Jackson Roofing can help you explore.

When Jackson Roofing installs a new roof, we want it to last for a long time with as few problems in the future as humanely possible.  It’s part of what makes our Jackson TN roofing company better than the other roofing companies, and it’s simply what our customers need from us.

So if you’re in need of a new roof, our roofing contractors will happily walk you through all of your options whether it is for a residential property, or a commercial property.  There are particular benefits that different roofing materials will provide as well as the affordability when it comes down to the bottom line.  We don’t expect you to know exactly what you want as soon as you find out that you need a new roof replacement. 

So our experts at Jackson Roofing will work with you patiently until everything is planned out properly.  Here are a few roofing material options popular today:

·         Metal Roof – more expensive but lasts longer, is wind resistant and energy efficient.

·         Asphalt Shingles – most common for residential roofs and comes in various colors.

·         Clay and Concrete Tiles – great for adding texture and energy efficiency to your home.

·         Slate – is a roofing option that is fire resistant and can be recycled.


We’ll Help You Get the Return On Your Insurance Claim That You Deserve

With our abundant experience working in the roofing industry it is very often that we have to coordinate with a customer’s insurance provider here in Jackson.

No matter how the damage to a roof has occurred we always discuss the roofing estimate and our professional opinion about what we found during our roof inspection with you.  We discuss the payment options and allow you to decide if you want to involve your insurance company in. 

In most cases, their insurance adjuster has either already been there, or the customer feels it is better than safe than sorry to check with their insurance company first before our roofing company gets to work. 

Careless roofing companies who start messing with a roof before the insurance company has had the chance to look at it, and take pictures can really mess with the customer’s insurance claim compensation. 

Jackson Roofing is well experienced with insurance companies, and knows how to coordinate with them in a way to make your roofing services go along as smoothly as possible.

We Want to be YOUR Jackson TN Roofers!

Jackson Roofing is your best choice in roofing services provided here in Jackson, Tennessee.  If you suspect any problems with your roof, then get in contact with us today!  We’ll send a roofing specialist over to get you started on an affordable roofing estimate as soon as possible!